Using Johnny-Five within an Electron app

Johnny-Five is a pretty fabulous NodeJS based robotics library. You can use it to create all sorts of things!

Running your Johnny-Five application within Electron is a great way to add a user interface to your robotics. It does require a couple of additional steps to get it up and running correctly, however, so I have outlined them below.

  1. Serialport will probably fail to be found by Electron's Node process. We can fix it! Follow the steps in a previous post of mine to get this going, making sure the rebuild and rename steps are performed on the serialport directory within ./node_modules/johnny-five/node_modules/ instead of a fresh serialport install.

  2. Johnny-Five uses process.stdin, which is not available for Electron's use. This causes Electron's render process to crash! We can reroute process.stdin to a compatible replacement stream though, to get around this. Before you do any of your regular Johnny-Five code, paste the following into your JavaScript file you're using within Electron:

var Readable = require("stream").Readable;  
var util = require("util");  
util.inherits(MyStream, Readable);  
function MyStream(opt) {, opt);
MyStream.prototype._read = function() {};  
// hook in our stream
process.__defineGetter__("stdin", function() {  
  if (process.__stdin) return process.__stdin;
  process.__stdin = new MyStream();
  return process.__stdin;

// then Johnny-Five code goes below here!

Thanks to Rick Waldron for this last step, which he wrote up for a different use case (NW.js) but it works great for Electron too. I just copied the code straight from the before mentioned link.

Let there be light! You should now be able to run your Electron app as normal and blink that LED!

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