NDC's Internet of Things Day, Oslo, 2014

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This week I had the privilege of being invited to Oslo to speak at Internet of Things Day, put on by the organisers of the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC). My talk was a technical one, aimed at developers who want to get started with protoyping devices, or those who are looking for a smoother workflow if they are already doing this.

I started with a show and tell of various devices I've created, followed by an introduction to Johnny-Five, the NodeJS library for interfacing with an Arduino.

By deconstructing a common activity tracking device, I delved deeper into the technical know-how behind how the audience could go about building and programming their own similar device.

The live coding demos I did throughout the talk kept things practical and contextual, I hope!

The slides can be found here.

NDC have already published the talks on their Vimeo channel, be sure to check all of them out! I have shared my talk below if you'd like to watch.

JavaScript army – making things walk, talk, and network to do your bidding - Suz Hinton from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

I also had the opportunity to write a short article for NDC's magazine 'The Developer'. Keep an eye out for the November issue on their editions page, it should pop up there soon it's now available here.

The other speakers were really inspiring, and I walked away having learned a lot of new things!

The organisers behind the conferences NDC puts on are the most lovely, accommodating and smart people. They made me feel very welcome and encouraged me the whole way. I want to thank them for having me.

Suz Hinton
Hi! I'm a web developer and tech enthusiast living in Brooklyn, NY. I like to work on weird stuff. noopkat.com
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